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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  April 11, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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martin. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. it's been more than six weeks now but this afternoon we have a decision. nbc news has confirmed that a florida special prosecutor will hold a news conference in just about two hours to make her announcement. >> it is expected the charges will be filed against george zimmerman the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot the teen 44 days ago. this is a serious development in the case. jay gray is live now in sanford, florida. >> reporter: hey there, pat and jim. no question this is a very important day. after more than a month of twists and turns it is unfolding as the most important day in this case since trayvon martin was killed. law enforcement forces tell nbc news community watch volunteer george zimmerman will be charged today in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> for the last 44 days it has been a nightmare. but i know beyond a shadow of a
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doubt that justice will be served. >> reporter: special prosecutor angela cory has announced a news conference at 6:00 eastern this evening to, quote, release new information regarding the trayvon martin shooting death investigation. though it is still not clear if or when the man at the center of this controversy could be taken into custody. >> the killer of trayvon martin is unaccounted for. we are concerned that he is a flight risk. >> reporter: his former attorneys have said they're certain zimmerman will not run. >> he stayed in contact with the prosecutor. he is staying in touch with law enforcement. i believe if they ask him to turn himself in that he will do that. >> reporter: while waiting on official word of the charges, martin's father says an arrest here is long overdue. >> 44 days later george zimmerman is still walking free. it's 44 days later. my son is in a mausoleum. as a father it hurts. >> reporter: conditions that could soon be changing -- a pain
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that will likely never go away. even with the major developments today, there is still a lot to work through in this case. martin's parents are urging everyone to remain peaceful and calm as the case continues to play out. jay gray, nbc news, sanford, florida. >> our coverage of the trayvon martin case continues this afternoon at 4:30. a former prosecutor and current defense attorney will join us live to discuss the criminal charges expected to be filed against george zimmerman. plus you can watch the news conference live at 6:00 right here on news 4. prince george's county police rescued a suspected bank robber after a holdup in largo today. two men got away with cash from the m&t bank on campus way around 9:45. police officers stopped two suspects in a black van in new carrollton. one of the suspects took off and tried to hide inside a nearby apartment complex. when he saw police he grabbed a sheet off a bed and tried to hang himself out of a window.
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news 4's pat collins will have details on this in a live report coming up at 5:00. a tsunami warning has been canceled this afternoon after two massive earthquakes hit indonesia today. the quakes sent people running into the streets as far away as southern india. the first quake was a magnitude 8.6. it was followed by a magnitude 8.2 aftershock. the earthquakes brought back memories of the 2004 tsunami that killed 230,000 people, but today there have been no reports of serious damage or casualties. turning now to the weather, some parts of the washington area actually got a few showers this afternoon. >> veronica johnson joins us to tell us where. veronica? >> when we say showers, we mean showers of, well, two kinds. we had rain showers and we had some snow showers around the area, even some grapple was falling with a little bit of cold air aloft. big story today, of course, just how chilly it's been. cool afternoon but, boy, we started out with temperatures
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near freezing and there was in fact a freeze watch. that potential of freezing temperatures that was posted by the national weather service across northern maryland. here is a look at those temperatures that started our day. 34 around mount airy, montgomery county at 34 degrees. 36 manassas. look at all the areas that were right in the low 30s early this morning. as far as the overnight goes, well, freeze warning still out for western portions of our area. we are talking about a little bit in the way of more rain showers, though, falling. about an hour ago haymarket reported a mixture of a little bit of light snow and rain but it's all scattered around the area and certainly is very light on storm 4 radar. the white off to the west is snow in the high spots just south of elkins, west virginia. your temperature right now at 56 degrees. it is still breezy out there right now. the northwest wind to go along with a gray sky and the scattered, light showers we have. what's next for us?
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well, i'll tell you in a couple minutes, guys. >> thanks, veronica. looking for an apartment turned out to be a dangerous effort. two women in alexandria today. the victim told police a craigslist ad led them to an abandoned building where a man attacked them yesterday. the guy has not been caught yet but news 4's tracee wilkins spoke to one potential witness, who says he saw a suspicious man hanging around that building. >> we saw a guy fitting the description walking down here along the edge of the field. he got to the corner. looked like he saw the police car and turned around very quickly and then he came back here and strangely was looking around rncht the officer took off running toward eisenhower metro station where the man was. he was handcuffed and placed in a squad car. after about 30 minutes of questioning police took the man's picture and released him. alexandria police say the man's information has been passed on to detectives, but no warrants have been issued at this time. the incident speaks to how
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seriously neighbors and police are taking this investigation and what happened inside this building. >> it was kind of scary that here it would -- anywhere that it would happen. i can't imagine what those women had to go through. >> reporter: police say two women came to this abandoned office building in the 2200 block of mill road yesterday responding to an internet ad for an apartment for rent. police say the women were pulled into the building and attacked by a man. the women got away with only minor injuries. by the time police got to the scene, the attacker was gone. >> it's really disappointing and surprising. >> reporter: the vacant building is often used by alexandria police for training but neighbors say the empty structure is trouble. >> we always kind of complained about it and a lot of people have that it's a vacant building that's been sitting here. it's boarded up and it's bound to be occupied. you can't just leave a huge building vacant on a street. someone is going to move in there. something bad is going to happen. >> reporter: alexandria police say they are still looking for their suspect.
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in ail ex-andry aircrafts tracee wilkins, news 4. two people were injured in an explosion here at a general motors plant in michigan. authorities say it happened at a research facility in warren just outside detroit. investigators say the blast occurred during extreme testing on a prototype lithium battery. one worker is hospitalized in serious condition. parents could soon have to pay a lot more for students to attend the university of virginia. uva is weighing a 4% tuition hike. under the plan in-state students would pay just over $25,000 for tuition, fees, room, and board next year. out of state students would pay $51,000. the university's board of visitors will vote on the proposal on friday. a new charter school and prince george's county officially opened its doors today. chesapeake math and i.t. academy is a school with a program which focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math.
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the charter school also known as cmit opened last august in laurel. the school currently serves students in grades 6 and 7 but will eventually go up to the 12th grade. stocks rallied today after five straight days of losses. investors were encouraged by an upbeat start to the earnings season by the closing bell stocks eased off their best levels but still ended higher. at last check the dow was up 94 points on the day. the nasdaq 25 points. and the s&p 500 was up ten. maryland will be the first state in the union to ban employers from asking for social media pass words. last night the maryland general assembly passed a bill that protects social media privacy. the bill bans employers in the state from asking current and prospective employees for their user names and pass words to facebook and twitter. now the bill is on the governor's desk. illinois and california are considering similar legislation. the u.s. government is going after apple and other major
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e-book publishers. the justice department filed a lawsuit saying the -- that apple conspired with the publishers to raise the price of e-books to limit competition. attorney general eric holder says consumers may have paid $2 to $3 more for the average e-book, which adds up to as much as $100 million extra for publishers. the government has already settled with three publishers but is going forward with the suit against apple, holtzbrink, and penguin publishing. the latest now on decision 2012. one day after rick santorum's departure from the republican presidential race and it feels as if the general election campaign is already under way. mitt romney versus president obama. the first full day featured a clash of charges, sound bites, and ads. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: finally mitt romney can focus 100% on president obama. >> if you're looking for a bigger check from government, he is your guy.
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>> reporter: romney's polls show him weak with women. he argued the president ought to have that problem. >> 92.3% of all the jobs lost during the obama years have been lost by women -- 92.3%. >> reporter: actually it's 39.7% since the start of the recession in 2007 according to the bureau of laib statistics. mitt romney no longer needs to aim ads at rick santorum. the president is the target of this new one by the karl rove super pac backing romney. >> no matter how obama -- gas costs too much. >> i was a severely conservative republican governor. >> reporter: president obama's campaign went after romney in a web ad, replaying primary season sound bites they hope will turn off women. >> do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes. planned parenthood. going to get rid of that. >> reporter: president obama campaigned again today to get rid of tax cuts for the rich. >> just plain wrong that middle
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class americans pay a higher share of their income in taxes than some millionaires and billionaires. >> reporter: he noted a recent republican president called that not just wrong but crazy. >> that wild-eyed socialist tax-hiking class warrior was ronald reagan. >> reporter: barack obama says his buffet rule, taxing income over a million and 30% could be renamed the reagan rule. >> doing sound bites and tv ads and 209 days left until the presidential election. steve handelsman, news 4. when we come right back on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon parents play the name game. the new hollywood style names topping this year's baby list. homer and bart simpson ferreira springfield but we'll tell you where the creator really got his inspiration. plus are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of your allergies this spring? how long will they stick around? and what are the best over-the-counter options. dr. jackie j
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hello. i'm kent brockman and this is "eye on springfield." >> the mystery is over. we finally know where the sims sons really live. it's not springfield, virginia. turns out the cartoon was set in
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springfield, oregon according to the show creator. he dropped the bombshell in an interview with "smithsonian" magazine and says he was inspired by the tv show "father knows best" way back when, which took place in a city called springfield. springfield, oregon is 100 miles south of his hometown of portland. >> it was decreed that each year -- >> the director of box office hit "the hunger games" announced today he won't be back for the sequel. gary ross released a statement today saying in part after sincere consideration he has decided not to direct the film. "catching fire" is the name of the second installment in the book series. the film is scheduled for release in november of 2013. the director said the tight production schedule limited his time to write and prepare the film. "the name game" can be very difficult for expectant parents. the website name berry is predicting what your child or
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grandchild will be named if it's born this year. the website's predictions are based on an analysis of nearly 3 million page views on their site. the top name choices are based on pop culture. number one is rue from "the hunger games" and second is emmett of "twilight" fame and also among popular names, everett and beckett. third is a tie between ivy and adele. we know her. fourth is grayson followed by aria and cato. there is no doubt about it but pollen is much worse this year than in previous years. veronica showed us the chart yesterday and for many folks this means a trip down the pharmacy aisle. joining us with some advice about the pitfalls of some treatments over the counter is dr. jackie of family merge and asthma care in gaithersburg. let's start with the symptoms and the treatments. eye drops for itchy eyes but
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there is a problem with some of the over-the-counter medications. >> right. the number one problem that i'm seeing are people are coming in and over using those eye drops. there is a syndrome called dry eye syndrome where for lack of a better explanation the tears won't stay in your eyes because they're not slippery enough or sticky enough. so they're flowing out on to your face and then people are using eye drops thinking allergy eye drops thinking let me use that to fix the problem. they are actually making it worse because allergy eye drops are drying. be careful of over use. the other thing is contact lenses. if you're going to put contacts in with eye drops make sure they say okay for contact lenses. contact lenses will stick the medicine even closer to your eyes and it could be dangerous. >> don't want that to happen. coughing is a big symptom of allergies but cough medicine may be the wrong way to treat. >> you don't want to just get rid of the cough but know why you're coughing. all cough medicine does is turn off the cough center in your brain so you want to be why. be careful if your asthmatic.
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cough medicine under the age of 2 isn't a good idea and diabetics need to get the sugar free version of the cough medicine. >> we sufferers are taking our antihistamines. and because it helps with the itching and the sneezing but you say that there are side effects. >> there are side effects to that and the number one is for the sedating antihistamines. it makes you sleepy and when they say don't operate heavy machinery they mean it. you can get pulled over for driving under the influence with even those sedating antihistamines so be careful about that and think about your kids in school. if you're that tired when you take it they are that tired in class. take those at night. >> i thought itching and sneezing were the number one complaints but you say the number one complaint is actually a stuffy nose? >> it's a stuffy nose and that is why people take the decongestants. they can make your heart rate go high, your blood pressure go high. there is also a great potential for abuse. these medications are actually pseudo ephedrine or fake speed. they make you high. >> decongestants you have to be really careful of.
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over-the-counter nasal sprays? >> it says right on the package don't use for more than three days in a row. the problem is your nose gets used to it, gets used to the blood vessels squeezing to make room for the air. once your blood vessels get used to it they forget how to move out of the way. to let the air up you have to use more of a nasal spray to make the nose work better and it goes on and on. if that happens get to an allergist who can fix the problem with another prescription. you can actually over use those, too. make sure you're not just washing away all the mucous five or six times a day. that there is to trap pollen and other debris so you could get in greater trouble by over using those, too. >> okay. are there more asthma inhalers over the counter now or fewer? >> this is the first year that there are no over-the-counter asthma inhalers. if you have asthma you really have to go see your doctor. it's the only way to get those things treated. >> if you've got allergies when do you know you need to see a doctor? if you have mild symptoms do you
4:20 pm
need to see an allergist? >> no. when you're sick of taking all the over-the-counter medications you want to go. one reason is you may want to think about allergy shots. they vaccinate you against the allergy and gets at the cause. maybe you want to go try that. make an investment actually in curing the disease instead of just covering it up. and the other is that just to know what you're actually allergic to. we can help you stay away from those things. >> you're not treating yourself with the wrong things. >> right. >> thanks as always. >> i'm making some changes today. thank you, great advice. up next on news 4 at 4:00 the weight loss program where even an elephant can shed pounds. plus, a few snow -- that's right -- snow showers this afternoon. veronica's chilly forecast veronica's chilly forecast
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a new elephant enclosure is helping out of shape pachyderms lose a little weight. the $12 million habitat is located at the honolulu zoo. it opened about five months ago and is about ten times the size of the elephants' previous home. zoo officials say each animal has lost about 300 pounds. it's all relative, you know. they expect them to slim down
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even more in the coming months since they can now move around more freely. they're not jogging but moving. >> do they like it cold? >> i don't think so. as a matter of fact, a lot of you don't like it cold because i've been reading some of the tweets where folks are saying it's cold, cold, cold. what happened? it feels like fall out there. there was one tweet and i'm sure it's the same for a lot of folks where i pulled out the gloves and hat. >> i got my winter coat back out. >> like yeah. >> the clouds are on us. we still have a little bit of wind right now and, of course, kind of scattered through the area at times today some light flakes of course that didn't last long and in some locations, too, they've been mixed in with some very light rain and/or sprinkles, so because of that, because of the fact that it's having a little impact on the area we are going to start the conversation more than anything. storm 4 radar as we zoom in, you can see south and west of blue
4:25 pm
mont light showers here. winchester light showers but i bet there is a little bit of light snow mixed into those areas, too. we've had reports around the haymarket area of a few flakes mixing in. fredericksburg down south on i-95 even off to the east scattered light rain showers and of course off to the west it is all about some snow in the higher spots so light accumulation taking place on the ground here beaver down toward white silver springs and just west of lexington so a little light accumulation there. so as far as our temperature we're at 56 chilly degrees. 25-mile-per-hour wind gusts. you know, we're average now into the mid 60s so well off that today and of course since dr. jackie was just here you're probably wondering well what is our pollen count today? it's 470 grams per cubic meter. again, what's nice is that that tree pollen that was so high for so long is on the decline but soon it's going to be grass to deal with. we're at 52 degrees in frederick and mount airy. 47 in hagerstown, maryland.
4:26 pm
more cloud cover there. then 53 la plata, waldorf, fredericksburg and stafford. 52 degrees currently in culpepper. what's next for us? here's our future weather. cool conditions right now and for the evening i think we'll end those little light showers by the time we get to about 9:00 and 10:00. high pressure will be moving in. it's still going to be cool but i'm calling it nice for tomorrow after starting out once again with temperatures that will be tomorrow morning right near the freezing mark. 32 to 38. we're breezy, too, so we'll have the wind to deal with with the lower temperatures. breezy and cool but again a nice afternoon because we had a little more sunshine for tomorrow. 58 to 63 degrees. the wind stays up again through tomorrow and then for friday, do you have off friday? i don't know. maybe you do. 67 degrees. close to 70 degrees on friday. and then not just in the 70s this weekend but we'll go from low 70s on saturday to 83 for a high temperature on sunday. i'm loving that. the weekend is looking dry. we've got something else to talk about for the beginning of next week. i'll have the details in a couple minutes.
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>> all right. >> we like the weekend. thanks, veronica. still to come on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon we continue to follow the latest developments in the trayvon martin case as prosecutors continue to file charges against george zimmerman. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider.
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so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪
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welcome back. >> our big story of the day nbc news has learned that george zimmerman will be charged later tonight in the shooting death of trayvon martin in florida. the teenager's parents held a news conference at the washington convention center today to call for zimmerman's arrest. they also expressed pain and concern that 44 days after the shooting their son's killer is still free. prince george's county police rescued a suspected bank robber today as he tried to take his own life. police believe the man was one of two who held up the m&t bank on campus way in largo this morning. the suspect ran into an apartment complex nearby. officers got to him just as he was trying to hang himself. no reports of serious damage or casualties after two powerful earthquakes struck indonesia. the first quake was a magnitude 8.6. it was followed by an aftershock of 8.2. a tsunami warning has now been
4:31 pm
lifted. stocks ended a five-day losing streak. investors were encouraged by an upbeat start to the earnings season. at the closing bell the dow was up 89 points. the nasdaq gained 25 and the s&p 500 was up ten. as we mentioned at the top of the hour the special prosecutor in florida is expected to file charges against george zimmerman at 6:00 tonight. >> it has been more than 40 days since the shooting. joining us now to give us some analysis on this case is a current defense attorney in montgomery county and former prosecutor, rinne sandler. we don't know exactly what the charges will be but what do you think they will likely be? >> my guess is manslaughter. in florida there is a felony battery and attempted battery or completed act so anything manslaughter and below is what i expect him to be charged with. >> when the charges are filed when does he have to turn himself in by? will there be a warrant for his arrest issued? >> well, if he had attorneys, which we understand he does not,
4:32 pm
the attorneys could facilitate a cohesive turn-in for him to come and face his charges, but an arrest warrant upon charging, formal charging, which we expect to happen, he will have an arrest warrant against him and he has to turn himself in forthwith or immediately. >> what will be the heart of the prosecution's case against him? >> the heart of the prosecution's case is what we all now know is the stand your ground law and whether or not deadly force was justified, what was in george zimmerman's mind? what did he believe he was facing? was it reasonable? and that is the crux of the case. >> how difficult is it going to be to seat a fair and impartial jury in this case? >> when you're talking to somebody who has faith in the judicial system whole heartedly, so i do believe just as we saw in the casey anthony case the michael jackson case big cases that received a lot of attention that we can and we will have a fair and impartial jury. >> i have to ask you. you were really stunned as a lot of attorneys across the country and people were yesterday when
4:33 pm
his two former attorneys came out on camera all day. what were your thoughts on that and do we know if he has records now? what happens on that end of things. >> i was beyond stunned. i had the gamut of emotions as a defense attorney. the sanctity of client communications is something we must protect and something we all know. you talk to your attorney, that information is sacred. so for two attorneys to publicly, first of all, hold a press conference, it is not about the attorneys. this is a very, very tragic situation under intense media scrutiny and the judicial system -- there has to be integrity. this process has to work. when two attorneys go out and reveal confidential client communications, for what purpose? and where a mental health issue may be at stake here or a defense which we must go within the mind of george zimmerman to analyze has now become very, very difficult to do. >> we have to go but i have to ask you this.
4:34 pm
stand your ground laws have been challenged now all over the country. how much of an impact do you think this case is going to have on those other laws? >> i think a tremendous impact. not in your homes but anywhere else in a public place absolutely. >> thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> thank you. and stay with us for continuing coverage this evening throughout the afternoon in this trayvon martin case. chris gordon talked with martin's family and he'll have a live report at 5:00 tonight. then we'll have the 6:00 p.m. news conference live down in florida. here is a different approach for women when it comes to relationships. think like a man. >> happy valentine's day, sweetie. >> and you, too. i'm just going to leave you two alone. >> the new movie "think like a man" is based on steve harvey's best selling book "act like a lady, think like a man" and follows four friends as they plan to get even with their girlfriends after they realize the women have been using harvey's book for advice. the movie has a heavy hitting
4:35 pm
lineup of stars -- kevin hart, teraji henson and gabriel union. the movie hits theaters on friday. a controversial movie hits the big screen on friday also around the country. >> i feel kind of nervous going to school because i like learning but i have trouble with making friends. >> "bully" will hit theaters nationwide. the movie follows five children over the course of a school year and examines the problem of bullying. the writer and producer of the film visited news 4 midday and says the film was designed to address a problem that had reached a tipping point. >> it was time for us to go from i think what had become a point of crisis on bullying to moving beyond that to change and to being proactive about preventing bullying. >> the film originally was given an "r" rating meaning kids would not be able to see it without an adult. however, the filmmakers edited out an expletive and the movie will now appear in theaters with a pg-13 rating. a police chief who can't
4:36 pm
shoot straight has lost his badge and gun. thomas bennett is the chief of police in richland's north carolina. his police powers were suspended in february because he failed his annual firearms qualification exam. he lost not only his badge and gun but can't even make a traffic stop. he is not even allowed to turn on the blue lights in his police cruiser. bennett has been the top cop in richlands since 1999 and plans to retire in july. he will be back on desk duty until then unless he takes the firearms test over again and passes it. coming up on news 4 at 4:00, a huge bear named meatball gives folks in california quite a thrill. thrill. we love gardening...ll at an yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual. i want you to grow big! if you grow for me, you'll get cookies for free. nothing worked. ♪ but we started using miracle-gro garden soil. you just mix it with your backyard soil... and it feeds your plants for up to 3 months.
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you can get the best pictures of national geographic for free. >> that sounds like fun. news 4's angie goff shows us the app of the day. >> hello. today's app of the day allows you to explore the world internationally or locally or domestically just with a touch of a finger and we're talking
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about the nat geo today ipad app. take a look. basically what we see in the publications, that book that is so famous and t publication that is so famous for its pictures it literally comes alive on your screen. the best part of this app is that you're going to be able to see their most up-to-date pictures and the resolution on these pictures make them pop more than ever. also available are the articles that you're going to find in "national geographic" for instance this one on the park of the week and you can even go back as far as the last seven days. if you don't want to know what went on today and you missed what went on over the weekend you can clearly go back to april and see what the picture of the day was that week. also see what articles they have to offer by just clicking in the corner here you see there is a news gallery with all the latest headlines and, really, it just transports you from the pages of "national geographic" to just
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this extraordinary and breathtaking world so to speak. once again, it is called the national geographic today app for ipad and the best part of all is that it is absolutely free and you can search from videos, articles, the different galleries, to featured photos right with the touch of your finger. and while you're online we want to remind you that we now have the nbc washington app available for you for the ipad as well. and you can download that on i-tunes for free. >> all righty. when news 4 at 4:00 continues a bear causes a lot of chaos in a california neighborhood. plus o
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you were both busy with appearances today indoors which is a good thing because it was kind of chilly. >> yes, the elementary school, hello to all of the first graders. the school is celebrating national poetry month and i got to read to the first graders from robert louis stevenson my favorite childhood poet. >> very nice. i was at wamu 8 #.5 right down the road and the gracious host had us on his show. we were all talking about the devastating storms of last year and where we need to be for this year and coming years to stay weather ready as a nation. a lot of folks were there, representatives of the national weather service and earth works. there is a lot going on and we
4:45 pm
want to make sure everybody is safe. >> great show. i listened on the way from alexandria thank you. i will most more on my facebook if folks want to check it out. it's a good thing we were inside because it was breezy and windy today. and this little guy the four-legged friend, he wasn't outside today. this is from yesterday, but robin wanted me to have it. robin is showing me, she wanted me to smile twice. i'm smiling for the great big cherry tree in her yard. lovely. and also for the cutie pie there. right? >> he is a cutie pie. four-legged friend there. >> and air sneezing, too. >> right. the tree pollen still on the high side. send in your photos. weather@nbc i bet you have some today because behind me we have a scattering of precip. everything from light showers to a little bit of grapple. that's the little fine crystals. looks like hail. sometimes people think oh, it's hail but it's grapple coming on down in light showers. more up in pennsylvania but
4:46 pm
we're certainly seeing some of that come through. talking also west of the area about freeze warnings. look at the folks in ohio. indiana, illinois. that's because of the growing season starting there and our temperatures, a lot of locations west will be falling right down to around freezing. 33 hagerstown, 33 martinsburg with a sky that'll be clearing. the precip over by about 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. then we'll be hitting the sunshine tomorrow. 60 to 62 degrees. so on our way up and it's the weekend that's going to be up, up, and away. look at that. 83 degrees on sunday. so tomorrow 62. 20 degrees more, higher by sunday. i like that, right? >> mm-hmm. >> a lot of folks are saying what happened here? we've gone back to fall. the other thing of course the shuttle discovery still looking at a chance of showers on tuesday. viewing opportunity 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. a lot of locations there. of course that will be something to see once in a lifetime around here. rain for tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> we're loving sunday. >> i'm smiling already.
4:47 pm
>> thanks, veronica. a black bear has roamed the southern california neighborhood so many times he has a nickname. >> folks are now calling him meatball and this week meatball became a tv star when his latest community visit was caught on video as antonio castelan reports it caused quite a spectacle. >> reporter: news chopper 4 caught video of a 400-pound black bear roaming the streets of this neighborhood. the bear leaped over fences and even pounded on the hoods of some cars. fish-and-game deputies ran throughout the neighborhood and pinned the bear down into a corner facing an apartment. >> as big as he is and the excitement and adrenalin, it may take a little bit more than usual rncht lieutenant martin wahl with california fish and game led the charge. deputies fired three tranquilizer darts to subdue this giant. here you could see this amazing bear looking a bit woozy. it took a while for animal to conk out.
4:48 pm
people living along the 2400 block of montrose and bridge avenue were forced to stay inside their homes. sierra kerr from her balcony spotted the bear. >> it was really big. it seemed big to me because i've never really seen a black bear. >> reporter: the bear nick named meatball by some is believed to have been roaming this neighborhood for the past couple months. last month meatball broke into a refrigerator and ate some of the treats he is now named after. neighbors are in awe of this massive creature. >> i was amazed to see a bear. i lived in big bear for a year and i never saw a bear. >> we want to take a picture of him and show everybody. >> after all the chasing going on about six deputies had to drag the bear down a hallway and into a bear trap. it was quite the spectacle. >> wow. that was. >> quite a claw there. that was antonio castellan reporting. the bear is just fine. they released it back into the wild unharmed. >> where he belongs. >> yes. up next on news 4 at 4:00 a unique way you could say to walk
4:49 pm
or drive down the wedding aisle. plus a 5-year-old boy's show and tell during class. got his step father arrested. i'm wendy rieger. coming up at 5:00 we'll stay on top of the breaking news. charges are expected to be filed in the trayvon martin case. a man who was fired from the library of congress has filed a discrimination lawsuit claiming his sexuality cost him his job. and in our latest installment of what's your workout it's a new fitness trend that helps you break a sweat and release your aggression and you do
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4:52 pm
leave the limos at home. a guy in china says to really get hitched you need a tractor. he decided to drive his bride-to-be to their wedding in a big, red tractor. he works for a farm cooperative and his fellow workers decided to help him out and make it a whole tractor procession. he and his bride grew up in the country and say they want to remember their rural roots. >> are those the groomsmen and brides maids maybe? wow. >> it looks really romantic. >> yeah. and noisy. show and tell in a kindergarten classroom ends with a drug bust up in connecticut. police say a 5-year-old boy brought 50 packets of heroin to school on monday to show his classmates. the teacher immediately confiscated the drugs and told the principal who called police.
4:53 pm
officers arrested the boy's step father, 35-year-old santos raman on charges of drug possession and risk of injury to a minor. still to come on news 4 the 911 call released in connection with a teenage girl who survived
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
we are now hearing the 911
4:56 pm
calls made about a double murder and suicide that left three people dead in a michigan town. the emotional calls are from a 17-year-old girl who survived the attack last week. as nbc's kevin tibbles reports, we should warn you some of the details are disturbing. >> reporter: a make shift memorial sits outside the home where unspeakable horror took place leaving the small community of livonia, michigan shaken to its core. >> it comes as a total shock to everyone because it goes well beyond what anybody could imagine. >> 911, what is the address of your emergency. >> reporter: last wednesday 17-year-old desiree state capitolerfeni made an extremely urgent call. >> my ex-boyfriend broke into my house and killed my current boyfriend and killed himself. >> just now? >> yeah. >> okay. stay on the line with me. >> and he tried to beat me up and my parents aren't home and it's just me and i'm 17. >> reporter: what the teen didn't realize at the time of
4:57 pm
the call was that her mother angela was also a victim. >> the crime scene we came upon that day was horrific. >> reporter: police say 19-year-old high school graduate brian white, desiree's ex-boyfriend, entered the family home, grabbed an ax, and bludgeoned angela as she slep. he then moved into desiree's room where she and her new boyfriend 19-year-old jacob burns were asleep. desiree woke up while white was murdering burns. >> the girl began to struggle with the suspect. she was knocked out at some point. the suspect then went and retrieved a firearm, a pistol from the other bedroom and came back. >> reporter: police say brian white, armed with a gun, threatened to kill himself while desiree, injured and held hostage, tried to calm him. several hours later, white killed himself in front of desiree, who then called 911. >> there has been a murder suicide. there are no survivors. please send --
4:58 pm
>> what's going on? >> the teenage girl was very brave. >> reporter: police say white, who did not have a criminal record, became upset over his recent breakup with desiree an aspiring model. in the days leading up to the murder-suicide white was reportedly posting grim notes online from the horror movie "american psycho" a film where the main character uses an axo murder his victims. >> he was clearly unhappy about the breakup but had shown no indicati indications of violence or threats of anything of that nature at all. >> reporter: white's friends were shocked by the crime one posting on facebook the brian i knew would not have been capable of this. >> late teen years, already a stressful time, add to that a breakup. and you may see abnormal behavior that could really be devastating. >> the state capitolerfene family released a statement saying it is unfortunate a simple breakup would cause such pain and loss.
4:59 pm
breaking news in the trayvon martin case. >> we have breaking news at the top of our show. after weeks of protest nbc news has confirmed george zimmerman will face charges in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> a live look in jacksonville, florida where a special prosecutor will announce the criminal charges within the hour. >> we have team coverage of the developments. jane watrel is in manassas with reaction from the people who knew zimmerman personally. >> let's begin tonight with chris gordon live at the convention center where trayvon's parents spoke out earlier today. chris? >> well, martin's parents today pushed harder than ever for the arrest of george zimmerman after seeing his lawyers yesterday on tv withdrawing from the case saying they lost contact with him. martin's parents are also gratified that florida state prosecutor angela cory is deciding herself whether or not to press charges against zimmerman rather than pushing it off on a grand jury. that decision was apparently made this afternoon just as


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